Thursday, May 17, 2018

You are more than students, you are our kids

In November 2016, I wrote abut being the guide for my students. I wrote that I hoped for the best for my students and that they are why I do what I do. I shared that even my own children know this.

Today, as my children and I loaded into the car, I was buckling in my seven-year-old as I said, "my kids have pictures first thing this morning." She looked at me and said, "you're talking about our students, right?" "Yes," I replied. She knew. She and her brother have been students at the school where I teach since the start of this school year. She knows that they are my children and she knows that I consider my students "my kids."

Dear student,
You are more than a body in a classroom. You are more than a test score. You are one of my kids. I will look out or you. I will help you. I will guide you. My goal is not to set you up for failure, but to help you succeed. Let me guide you to success.

Ms. Remkiewicz

When I see something isn't working right, I adjust. If a timeline is too tight, I will look at it and, if necessary, change the deadline. If you need the materials to complete a task, I will make sure you have them. If you are frustrated because a costume isn't quite right, I will find you something that works. If you are cold, I will find a jacket for you. If you are hungry, I will feed you.

My students will not fail because I will not fail them. I will not fail them because they are my kids.

I am imperfect. I know this. I embrace this, in fact, each and every time I admit that I am perfect in my imperfections. However, I will always do everything I can to help a student on the road to success. I hope they know that. And, I hope they will take me up on my offer.

You need ingredients for the latest Kitchen Chemistry assignment? Tell me, Write me a list. I will provide what you need.

You are cold and can't find your jacket? Here's a sweatshirt.

You are hungry and don't have a snack today? Please, grab a cheese stick from the fridge.

You are working on a video and the app isn't working? Let's find a solution.

Your file won't upload? Let's look at it together?

You need a charger? Here, I don't use Apple products, but I bought this for you to use.

I am not setting you up for failure. I will set you up for success.

But, you do have to do your part. You have to ask. You have to be willing to accept help. You have to take your own steps. I can't walk the walk for you, but I will walk it with you.

I am preparing to send a graduation card to a student I had several years ago. He didn't need any of these guiding parts of what I do, but he appreciated every step I walked with him and he keeps in contact.

I made items available to former students so they could complete high school projects.

I will continue to do this and whatever else it takes to help students meet the successes they deserve.

My pay off?

Their learning. Their achieving. Their success. I love watching them bask in their own greatness. No material thing should ever stand in the way of a student's success. I will invest in every single one of my kids just as I would invest in my own children. Why? Because I am a teacher. I am an educator. I care. I love deeply. I guide. And, I am not alone. There are so many like me.

You are more than our students, you are our kids. I am thankful for the educators I know who live by this.

You are our tomorrow. Let us help you through today.