Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Exploring new territory

On Saturday, I had my first experience as a session presenter. Ever. It was wonderful to be a part of CapCUE TechFest and to see familiar faces while meeting new people. I presented my Technology: The Swiss Army Knife of Education for the first time as I have been developing to concept for months. I touched on it in a professional development session at my school a few months ago, but this time I explored it more in-depth. I presented to a rather small group, but enjoyed sharing ideas. I have always been very comfortable with large groups and in a one-on-one setting while feeling some discomfort in awkwardly sized groups. This happened to be one such group. I had four people in my session. I definitely felt some discomfort, yet still took a dance break and didn't let myself stop even when those in the session opted out of the dance break. It was fun. I learned and I hope they did too. My second session explored the ways in which video can be incorporated into science lessons in order to enhance them. It went really well. This group was a little larger and I loved the collaboration that happened. I was honored to be a part of this so much so that on Monday I submitted my proposals for ETC! 2016 which will take place February 27. Hope to see you there!

My experience as a presenter took me into new territory, but I am seeing even more as I guide my students into new EduAwesome EDventures! The fifth grade class is preparing to launch a podcast. I have a few details to iron out still, but we are headed in a great direction and their enthusiasm has me excited! This is a great group of students and I look forward to seeing through this process with them. Meanwhile, my sixth graders shot their first video this week as we work on a brief project to kick off our video learning. They will also have the fabulous experience of being a part of Ted-Ed Club. We got our approval last week and will be moving forward in October. This is especially exciting! These students will do great things with their video projects and I very much look forward to seeing their Ted talks develop.

I will use some of our experiences and chronicle our journeys here. As always, I am open to feedback. If you have something that has worked especially well with podcasting or with video, share your ideas in the comments section or Tweet with #EduAwesomeEdventure (yeah, I know it will use a good number of your character limit).

Have a great rest of the week! It's already Wednesday?! Wow!