Friday, February 2, 2018

Live from Lit Conference 2018

A STEAM review. Students watched this video then wrote their thoughts on the this STEAM project.

Reviews include:

From session one:
M.K The video showed the capabilities of the robot but did not show how the robot was put together or why the person who built the robot chose this project.

B.C I want to know how it worked.

M.U Very fascinating.

L.H Whoever must have created the robot was a total genius and pro. (Not the smart)

From session two:

E.C. I think this is interesting that a 7th grader could build and program this.

A.C. I would recommend this video for someone who wants ideas of what to make for robotics project.

V.K I want to know the resources for this project.

B.D I'd recommend this to anyone who like Rubik's cube 

M.E I would recommend this to people who want to just watch something interesting but it needs more facts like how does it work.

E.E. The video is mesmerizing. 

N.M. I wonder if the robot works for every position. The Rubik's cube was put in there in a certain position, is it programmed for just that one placement or does it work for for any random one?

Many thanks to the fabulous middle school students who contributed to this blog post.

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