Thursday, October 27, 2016

A whole new world: Of GHO and beyond

As I sat, a wee bit frustrated at times, eating my reheated homemade fettuccine with two coffee stirrers as chopsticks (because while I carefully planned what to eat, I somehow forgot to plan how to eat it in my hotel room), I spent almost two hours on a Google Hangout, with my children.

This is my life.

And, I love it.

My son had math homework he wanted to have my help with while my daughter sought my help with spelling homework. My son is slightly better versed in the Google-verse than my daughter. Hence, the periodic frustration. I had to teach her a few things from this end of my computer. She had to pick them up as quickly as she can so we could move forward with homework. She's six. Her class uses iPads. At home, she has a Chromebook. She wanted to type her spelling while keeping the video feed from our GHO in plain view. This was no simply task with me here, her there, and other distractions along the way. My son stepped in and did what he could on the other end to help. And, help, he did. Afterall, remember, we are an EdTech Family. From us is born the "If you give a kid a camera..." (stay tuned, it's coming. I promise.)

We accomplished our goals. My son completed six math problems with my help and my daughter performed her "Type It" task (typing her spelling words as prescribed and chosen from a spelling menu offered to her by her first grade teacher). At the end, my son helped share the typed spelling words with me so that I could be sure they would end up emailed to my daughter's teacher. Following that fairly easy task, my daughter read a story. I listened, saw the pictures, and helped with words as she held the book up for me to see.

This may be my most favorite Google Hangout of all time, even though I cried (as only an adult woman can and will) for a break during one point. The best part of it was seeing the joy in my children's eyes and feeling a sense of accomplishment at the end of it all.

Last spring, I used Google Hangouts to connect a class with podcasters. It was incredibly fulfilling to see my students ask questions and get answers in real time then apply what the learned.

Before Google Hangouts On-Air became a thing of the past, my son and I did our first EdTech Family broadcast and will turn to YouTube Live for future installments.

This real-time video and audio interaction is beyond anything I ever could have imagined 30, 20, or even ten years ago. And seeing its classroom benefit outweighs all frustrations.

It helps students in the classroom. It helps students at home. I do indeed like it here and there, I love GHO everywhere!

And, you will too!

Give it a try. Find its usefulness in your arena and go for it. Connect with parents. Connect with educators. Create a classroom without walls. And help a kid accomplish homework tasks. This is what it's all about! Let's do this!

Reporting live from Fall CUE 2016 Night One. @RemScience

What's ahead:
Tomorrow is the day Fall CUE really, actually gets started.
Dave Burgess will provide the opening keynote address.
Many sessions ahead, but I will attend one paid session featuring Dave Burgess.
I forgot my copy of Teach Like a Pirate.
And, that's ok.

Learn how to transform lessons into EduAwesome Adventures using video (and yes, that includes Google Hangouts!) in my session on Saturday at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there. But, if you're interested in something a little different, check out Karly Moura and Kelly Martin's session on using Padlet! (Great tool! I'd be there if I were't presenting.)

What sessions are you most looking forward to attending at Fall CUE?
Have you picked up your badge yet?
Remember badge bling!
Make it EduAwesome!

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