Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gearing up for the next Edventure

Last summer, I traveled up the center of the state (California) to Lassen Volcanic National Park. I took along two video cameras and captured some fantastic video while exploring the park, particularly the Bumpass Hell Trail.

This summer, I will return to Lassen with an additional video camera (the GoPro I added to my collection this spring) and try out a different trail or two.

Step one: Check all equipment. All cameras will be charged ahead of time. Last year, I had one major glitch. I had charged one of the cameras the night before only to have it turn itself on in my backpack on the drive. I managed to capture hours of the car ride and very little Lassen. Everything will be charged tonight and checked upon arriving at our destination tomorrow (a lodge with electricity). Additionally, one of my camera requires batteries, so I will put in new batteries and pack backups.

Step 2: Send out reminders. I use social media to reach out to students when we're off from school (as well as communicating with them during school). Students have been invited to participate in the Lassen hike. I will do one last social media blitz tonight. Once I arrive at the lodge, I will be slightly off the grid. No WiFi, minimal cell service. Although for this particular Edventure, I suspect little to no involvement from the students, the use of social media helps them feel connected to it. When we return in the fall and they see the video footage, they will have more of a connection to it than they would otherwise. Voila! The world is their classroom!

Step 3: Go. See. Capture.

Finally, I have elected to do something a little different this year. Since I am shifting into a technology instruction role, I will bring more of the raw footage into the classroom and I will have students work with some of its editing. If you want to see some of last year's Lassen footage, take a look at my previous post Taking it to the Next Level.

As an aside, I always check the weather ahead of any trip. Last year, it was in the 80s and sunny. It looks as if it will be a completely different experience this year. Turns out, thunderstorms are in the forecast. I will pack accordingly and thankfully, the GoPro has its protective waterproof case and my smaller video camera is waterproof as well, just in case it rains.

Lassen this week, Pinnacles next
In the middle of the month, I will pack up and do a similar trip to Pinnacles National Park. This will be a different sort of experience though. This one will be even more off the grid and I've elected for camping instead of staying in a lodge/cabin. Stay tuned.

I lava this!

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