Sunday, March 22, 2015

10 minutes to blog the official launch of Edu-Awesome Adventure

I have given myself a maximum of ten minutes to blog this morning. I have been attending the CUE 2015 Annual Conference and today have a full day of the Google West Coast Summit. This seems like just the right place and time to officially launch my Edu-Awesome Adventure. My first post (see below) was done when I set things up so that you can have a chance to get to know me and why I am here.

My mind is already so full of ideas from some of the CUE sessions that it's a good thing I took notes. What high-tech note-taking method did I use? (Afterall, I'm at a technology conference, so I must have the latest and greatest tool to use, right?)

Kickin' in "old school"
Are you ready for this....I used something called a notepad and a pen. It was a yellow legal pad with real paper and two colors of pen: blue and red. WHAT?!

Yep! That's what I used. I always keep some real paper source and lots of pens with me or nearby. I typed my first kindergarten spelling homework in 1982 at my dad's work. I love to type. I appreciate technology. Always have. But just need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

Guess what else...I still do my lesson plans by handwritten means as well. I have a plan book and always write them out in pencil. Then, when I make changes as I go, I can erase and write in what I've done whether I'm at the front of the room, the back of the room, the car on the way home, or at a coffee shop. I type my lesson plans for subs and I do it on Google Drive so I can easily share, even giving my principal comment privileges in case there's something the sub, or I, need to know.

Sometimes, you just have to kick it old school.

Time's up. Time to get ready for my first Google Summit session. My paper and pencil are already packed into my briefcase, along with a journal, a Chromebook, a laptop, and a tablet. And pens... lots and lots of pens!

What are you doing today?

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